How long does this take?

About two hours, give or take. 

A few things!

  • A few different outfits. Wouldn't it be weird if all of your profile photos were you wearing the same thing all over town? Don't forget to dress for the weather!

  • A prop or two. Your profile should always include a photo of you doing one of your hobbies or interacting with something important to you. This is your conversation starter when others message you.

  • Come ready to start shooting, but you can bring some touch up makeup, if that's your thing. 

There are options! We have favorite photo locations picked out all around the city and suburbs, so we can likely suggest a spot to meet near you. The studio set up requires electricity, so we have a few places identified where that can be used as well. Message us and we'll work out an agenda that's as convenient for you as possible. 


What should I bring?

Where should I be?